Organizing a run

Tips for the Organiser of an Event

  • Always aim to arrive at the meeting point at least 15/20 minutes before the start time.
  • Have a short meeting with all the drivers before the event begins to explain the general route and destination(s). Please make sure everyone knows where the event finishes and where any stops are in between.
  • Hand out route instructions if possible.
  • If there are a large number of cars on the event, it is advisable to break it up into two or more formal groups with a Lead Car for each. (It is a good idea to have as many drivers as possible that know the route.)
  • If the event includes reservations at a pub or restaurant, it can help to call the establishment with the final count prior to starting out – just to confirm they are still expecting you.
  • If possible have a list of cars on the event. On the larger, or longer events, the ideal would be to have a list of : Car – car colour – Driver – Mobile number, to circulate to all. If a car has to stop (Breakdown / Puncture etc) the ideal would be to have a car with a mobile phone stay with it, to keep the group leader informed of progress.

Lead Car Driver

  • Be aware of changing weather and road conditions and try to act accordingly.
  • Make regular stops to allow the group to reform.
  • If possible, ask for a driver to act as tail for the event. As a general rule it is best for this driver to be in a brightly coloured car or a car with driving lights (Spotlights) fitted. (The yellow of the “California” is ideal for this as it is important to know where the back of the convoy is.) The driver of this car MUST be prepared to stay at the back as chaos can ensue otherwise. It is also best for both the “Lead” car and the “Tail” car to have mobile phones if at all possible and to have any others, with phones, spread throughout the group.
  • Please bear in mind the current law with regard to use of mobile phones while driving.

Guidelines for Organising an Event

  • Choose a route and destination. Set a meeting location and departure time, then confirm a suitable date with your Area Co-ordinator. If you want any help with planning the event – please ask.
  • If the event includes a meal, tour or room reservations, call the establishment to make them. Reconfirm your reservation or booking a week before the event.
  • After planning and driving your route, it is recommended you ask another driver to “proof read” the instructions and the route just to confirm that nothing has been missed. Ideally this should be just prior to the event, as roadworks or other changes can cause problems.
  • It is not unknown on country roads for a road on the route to be closed up prior to the event and this can ruin all your hard work and spoil the day.
  • If possible have a list of cars on the event. On the larger, or longer events, the ideal would be to have a list of : Car – car Colour – Driver – Mobile number, to circulate to all participants.
  • Please try to write simple instructions, (The “Tulip” type are ideal for this) If possible please include the telephone number for the stops on route. Print instructions in the largest font type practical.