Driving Guide


Driving guide

Please take the time to read the guide before coming on a club run.

The aim of this guide is

(i) to help you, and

(ii) make any organised trip more enjoyable for all.

Although many items are the normal rules of good driving, we hope you can spare the time to look over this guide in the hope that you can find either general tips, tips for convoy driving, or organising events, that are of benefit to you.

We hope that this guide will help you all to have a safer and more enjoyable day out.

General Items

  • Arrive at the starting point in plenty of time and with sufficient fuel to complete the route.
  • Don’t expect the group to be able to stop just for you once it is on the move.
  • Please be ready to leave on time.
  • If you are going to meet the group en route, please check with the organiser that this is convenient.
  • If you are going to leave the group before the end of the trip, please tell the organiser, and others. This is so that the group does not either wait for you to catch up, or follow you.
  • Please try to be courteous to all other road users and follow the Highway Code. Remember, when you are driving in a group with the MX-5 Owners Club, you are acting as representatives for the club.
  • If you pass the leader of the group or the lead car, or if you pull over and wave the following cars past, you are effectively on your own. If you suddenly decide to leave the group, pull off the road (if possible) and wave the following cars past you.
  • Do not go faster than you feel comfortable driving! If you feel that the cars in front are driving without consideration for you or for other road users, please do not try to keep up. It is better that you fall back and form your own group.

Please bear in mind that just because you are following the route does not mean that the car behind you, or the car in front of you is correct! It is very easy to just “Follow the MX-5 in front!”. This car may have gone wrong, so it is best to check your own route. Also, if the car behind turns off, this does not mean that you have gone the wrong way!

Rules of the Road

  • Do not follow too close to the MX-5 in front. Leave plenty of braking space.
  • Our line of cars should not dominate the road. If other road users are trying to pass the group, please let them do so.
  • Always slow down for riders on horses, bicycles, and pedestrians on unpaved roads. Give them plenty of room when overtaking.
  • Whenever the group stops, if at all feasible, make sure you try to pull completely off the road.
  • Always use your indicators in plenty of time to guide cars in the group, as well as other road users.
  • If you want the group to stop, flash your headlights. If the car behind flashes its headlights, flash yours until the leader pulls over.
  • When the group passes through a congested area, it should try to stop as soon as safely practicable to regroup, before any turns are made.
  • Please do not drive unsafely to keep up with the group. They should wait for you.
  • Continuous unsafe driving by any member may result in that member being asked to leave the group, or the leader ending the event immediately.


  • Overtake only when legal and safe to do so.
  • DO NOT overtake on double white lines, on bends or at any place where the way ahead is not clear.
  • If a member of the group or public wants to overtake you, please let them. Don’t close up the gap to the car in front of you and force the overtaking car into a dangerous manoeuvre.


  • Always stay within the legal speed limit. If traffic is flowing slower than the speed limit, stay with the flow of traffic.
  • REDUCE YOUR SPEED if road conditions or the weather warrant it.
  • The lead MX-5 should establish a sensible pace for the group but it is each individual drivers responsibility to keep the MX-5 behind him or her in sight, thus ensuring the group stays together.
  • If the car behind you slows down, please slow down with it. If each car does this, then it will ensure that the convoy stays together.
  • Final Thoughts
  • Please do not try to follow the car in front too closely as the driver may know the road better than you. Also bear in mind that just because the driver in front has passed safely does not mean you can! Your cars may look the same, but different tyres, or being in a different gear, can have a profound effect on handling.
  • If going on a run a long way from home, we suggest you take a spare key, and a spare remote for your alarm. This could save you embarrassment, time and money!
  • On hot days, a small bottle of water can be a useful thing to keep in the cockpit of the car.
  • As a final word of advice, PLEASE DO NOT assume that if you are behind an MX-5 that it is one of the Club members. It has been known for cars on “a run” to follow an MX-5, only to find that it is a member of the public that has nothing to do with the event! NOT ALL MX-5 OWNERS ARE MEMBERS of the Club.