AGM 2020


  1. Welcome from AC Keith Coutts who informed the club that the record attempt at Elvington was still being considered but it was looking unlikely this was achieved. This may be re attempted at a later date as Elvington is the only venue suitable.
  • All existing committee members staying for another year with no objections from attendees. Shirley did inform the room that she will be standing down at the end of the year but that she would assist her successor in any way she could.
  • Keith Coutts read the previous minutes and these were agreed by members proposed and seconded by Ray Phillips and Barbara Senior
  • Keith read out the financial statement given to him by Helen Boyes who was unable to attend. See copy attached. The club has purchased a new gazebo and new radios.
  • Shirley Pickett thanked all members for runs and especially the new members who ran one for the first time.
  • Rosie Morford thanked all for their contributions to the newsletter which will remain in print until further notice.
  • Mike Brownlow did not attend but sent an e mail thanking all for their contributions to the charity of the year Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The total at that time was £1141.50 with one item still up for auction. Barbara Senior suggested we had a collection on the night and this raised £45 so hopefully the target of £1500 will be achieved.
  • It was agreed that due to the amount able to be reclaimed from The Owners club being reduced by half anyone who organises  a run can claim a maximum of £10 towards the printing of tulip maps this was passed by a vote of hands.
  • Awards were as follows

Run of the year                 The BBQ run Dawn and John Leggott

Persons of the year         Shirley and Tim Pickett

  1. A vote of hands agreed that this years Christmas Party will be held at Burn Hall and organised by Shirley and Norma.
  1. Keith was looking into buying new club magnets and it was agreed that any new member who organised a run would be given a pair in appreciation and as a thank you. This was the case a few years ago.
  1. It was noted that as a club we are not able to donate to charities from club funds
  1. Ian Wynn thanked Shirley for all the hard work she does and a round of applause from all who agreed. A big thank you also goes to all Committee members for all their hard work without whom we would not have such an active club.

14   Ian read out a letter that Tim Pickett had written to propose the charity for 2020 to be Yorkshire Cancer Research. This was passed by a vote of hands.

  1. 2020 Calendar on Yorkshire Ridings website for all runs and socials where members have volunteered to date, there are some dates still need filling so please contact Shirley if you would like to volunteer. Help is available if this will be your first. Norma and  Rowland volunteered to do the run on 2nd Feb at short notice. Ian and Dianne are doing a high tea on the lawn and Andy and Wendy the Halloween Run with a difference so both these sound very exciting.

15   It was agreed by a show of hands that prizes would be re-instated and awarded for the best dressed car, couple and person on the Christmas Run and Halloween Run and these would be paid for from club funds

Keith closed the meeting

Attendance AGM 2020

Keith Coutts

Shirley & Tim Pickett     

Norma and Rowland Kassell

Dawn and John Leggott

Dianne and Ian Wynn

Andy Henwood

Keith Lea

Rosie and Dave Morford

Tracey and Nick Pile

John and Hilary Catley

Barbara and Michael Senior        

Jayne and Stephen King

Robyne and Homi Tehrani

April and Martin Wilby  

Anita Hyde and Nick Hughes

Hilary and Chris Petterson

Catherine and Tony Clark

Jean and Ray Phillips

Apologies from

Dave Thistlethwaite

Helen Boyes

Mike Brownlow