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Our motto is Yorkshire Ridings "We're Having a Laugh!" and that’s exactly what we are about. Although our geographical footprint groups North, East and West Yorkshire, all are welcome, so please feel free to explore our site. Come and see who's who, who drives what, what we get up to and where. We openly welcome all models from imported Eunos & Miata’s, right through the UK Spec range; Mk1 - Mk3 Coupe and of course, their driver and passenger!

Yorkshire Ridings Area - Brief Club History

Today, Yorkshire Ridings Area is 1 of 32 subgroups that make up the National MX-5 Owners Club but it wasn’t always like that…….… shortly after the UK MX-5 Owners Club was formed in 1994 and several National Events had been organised, it became clear that there was a real need for smaller dedicated Areas/Regions with more accessible and local events. In the summer of 1995 a meeting was held in Carlisle to discuss the formation of these new groups, from this meeting the Club was divided into 7 Areas and the North East MX-5 Owners Club was born.

The North East MX-5 Owners Club thrived as one of the biggest and best regions in the country, having an enviable reputation as an area with some of the best roads in the UK and members that really got out and used them! As time went by and the five became more and more popular and even more affordable with the influx of imports, once again the region outgrew itself and had to be split in order to cope with the numbers attending events. It’s difficult to tie it down to specific calendar months but suffice to say that by the end of the year 2000 Lincolnshire, Tyne Tees and the Peaks & Pennines had spread their wings and become recognised Areas in their own right. North, East and West Yorkshire remained making the regional name of the North East somewhat redundant and so the Yorkshire Ridings Area was born.

Yorkshire Ridings Area and its members have always been key players in the success of the MX-5 Owners Club. It has hosted a variety of National Weekends, several “Coast to Coast” drives and “Around Britain 2000”. “Around Britain 2000” was one of the most ambitious projects so far, a 3640 mile drive around the coastline of mainland Britain in an event open to all UK members and with the additional benefit of raising money for the RNLI. As well as having its own full activities programme, it endeavours to attend all National Events and will host the Spring Rally 2009. You could be forgiven for thinking the MX-5 was created for the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors and all the roads in between, they are indeed, a perfect match!

Yorkshire Ridings Area – Is it for me?

If you have any doubts about joining the Club you are welcome to come and “Try before you Buy” at any of our events. Just choose an event and let our Area Coordinator (AC) know that you wish to come along. He will answer any questions you have related to that Event or the Club in general.