All about runs

Runs are where members get to try out there cars with a group of like minded people on roads that have been specially selected for our cars.

For Mazda UK a promotional video featuring our group : Click here

If you are joining a run please read the advice here : Driving Guide

To see a list of future runs click here : Upcoming events

To see a review of recent runs click here :  Recent runs

If you want to organize a run yourself talk to the events coordinator who will give you lots of advice and pointers. There are some guidelines here, Organising a run , but talking to the right people first is the best approach

Once you have decided to do a run, you will need to crate a ‘Tulip Map’ to distribute to participants on the day. The club would like runs to all use a common format and have developed a Microsoft Excel template to aid this. Details and advice can be found here : Tulip Maps