AGM 2022


Welcome by Shirley Pickett acting Area Co-ordinator (AC) with items as per a printed Agenda below:

  1. Apologies : Keith Coutts , Dave Thistlethwaite, Dianne & Ian Wynn and Sarah & David Bamber
  2. Minutes of previous AGM held in January 2021 on zoom approved Mike Brownlow seconded by Rosie Morford.
  3. All current committee members are prepared to stand for another year, however Shirley announced she will be standing down as Events Co-ordinator at the next AGM.
  4. Financial report prepared and presented by Helen Boyes Treasurer (Copy attached), approved by Andy Henwood seconded by Maureen West
  5. Shirley gave a review of last year’s events which were able to go ahead as per Government guidelines. She said a big thank you to all who organised runs, socials and breakfast meets and those who volunteered for this year’s events.
  6. Shirley kindly stayed on another year due to Covid and stepped in as acting AC for Keith Coutts, who asked Shirley to say a big thank you to all for their kind wishes cards etc which helped him through his recovery.
  7. Tim Pickett reviewed the last 2 years charity appeal, extended due to Covid, for Yorkshire Cancer Research, which raised £2704 as against a target of £2020. Thanks to all who donated both money and auction items and held events.
  8. Charity nominations received from Ian Wynn were Yorkshire Air ambulance and Yorkshire Cancer Research. A show of hands voted for Yorkshire Cancer Research and Tim Pickett has kindly volunteered to run this again via the Clubs charity page.
  9. 2021 awards were presented to Shirley Pickett person of the year and Maureen and Pete West for run of the year: All Creatures Great and Small . Well done to you all.
  10. Dave Thistlethwaite asked if all photos taken at any MX5 events could be uploaded to ‘Smugmug’ on the area website under ‘Photo Archive’ and instructions have now been added on how to do this.

Any other business as follows:

  1. Keith C had advised that the MX5 Owners Club will reimburse run organisers for a maximum of 40 litres of fuel. A form plus the Club’s Treasurer’s address to be requested from Keith C. The form is completed, supported by receipt(s) and a copy the Tulip Map, then forwarded direct to the Club’s Treasurer.
  2. At the 2020 AGM it was agreed for run organisers to receive a fixed sum of £10.00 from Area club funds, towards the cost of paper and printing/copying Tulip Maps.
  3. Many attending raised the issue of escalating fuel prices with regards to attending runs. It was suggested that:
    1. The runs could be shorter
    2. The number of runs to be reduced from 2 to 1 a month in the summer.

Shirley has since spoken to some members who have agreed to postpone their runs, subject to reinstatement if fuel prices fall and calendar slots are available. It was agreed at the meeting that the ‘vacant’ May run should be cancelled.

  1. A suggestion was made by C P via email, that members could invite others via the Yorkshire Ridings Facebook Group page, to join them to visit a place of interest or going for a picnic etc. This however would NOT be classed as an ‘official’ area run.
    1. A question was then raised regarding the scope of the Owner’s Club insurance which was thought to provide some cover on ‘official’ runs; Keith C would look into this.
  2. It was agreed by a vote to stop officially posting member’s birthdays on YR Facebook page.
  3. Pete West has kindly volunteered to produce a two monthly Newsletter to be available via the area website.
  4. A message had been received from Ian Fleming to ask members NOT to publish email addresses or personal telephone numbers on YR Facebook page, but asked members to use the Facebook Private Message (PM) facility to communicate for ‘one to one’ discussions. Shirley confirmed she had already implemented this on Run/Social Facebook posts.
  5. A big thank you was given to Shirley, Helen and Tim and the meeting was adjourned at 18.45

Those present:

Attendance List

Shirley & Tim Pickett, Maureen & Peter West, Dawn & John Leggott, Norma & Rowland Kassell, Rosie & Dave Morford, Helen & Mick Boyes, Tracey & Nick Pile, Keith Lea, Barbara & Michael Senior, Anita Hyde & Nick Hughes, Wendy & Andy Henwood, Claire & Phil Reid, Carol & Mike Brownlow