AGM 2019

Saturday 26th January 2019 at Burn Hall, Huby, York YO61 1JB

The minutes of the meeting will be posted shortly

Minutes of AGM held at Burn Hall 26 th January 2019

1 Welcome by AC Keith Coutts and all existing committee members re elected .

2 Previous minutes agreed proposed Tim Pickett seconded Helen Boyes .

3 Finances read out by Helen Boyes including income and expenditure .

4 Review of 2018 events by Shirley and a thank you to all who kindly did a run or social .

5 Newsletter review by Rosie Morford .

6 Rev iew of 2018 charity CRY by Dave Morford which raised £1502 including gift aid .

7 Run and person of the year announced Keith Lea voted person of the year Shirley and Tim run of the year .

8 Program m e of events for 2019 by Shirley. Many runs and socials already covered the charity BBQ to be held at Dawn and John Leggott’s F arm on 22/6. Car s in the Park on 5 th May to be an official club event organised by Mike Brownlow .

9 The Spring Rally was discussed but as of yet no details are available both Keith Coutts and Keith Lea advised that Iain Fleming is doing all the main organising and as soon as any details are available these will be put on the website and facebook. A couple of members advised they are not on facebook and Dave Thistlethwaite will be looking to amend the club website to give more details. These are however available if you go ogle The Yorkshire R idings Club MX5 Owners Club if not on facebook.

10 A vote was taken for the nomination of 2019 charity and The Yorkshire Air Ambulance forwarded by Mike Brownlow had the most votes. Other nominations were Keith Lea : York Hospital Radio, A ndy Henwood : Kidney Patients Association, Adrian Joice : Jacobs Well Be verley.

11 A member felt that we should not buy prizes out of club funds for the Xmas run or Halloween run for b est dressed car or persons and also presents give n out at the meal following the Xmas run also that the Charity BBQ should not be funded in a ny respect out of club funds as they felt that if members did not attend any of the above they were subsidising others. The question was asked why 2018 BBQ was limi ted to 20 cars only, this was due to the fact that Diane and Ian Wynn who kindly offered to host the BBQ could only accommodate 40 people in their garden. A reserve list was available for anyone who was not on the first twenty and a couple of days before t he BBQ there were places available after some members could not attend. At the next AGM the club will vote on how much to be given to charity from the club funds but also that new ​shelters/gazebos and radios need to be replaced from such funds. The £2 give n to club funds at runs to remain the same. A majority vote of hands agreed this.

12 Comfort and coffee stops to remain as is. It was agreed that anyone attending is not obliged to partake of a ny refreshments on offer but comfort stops are needed.

13 It was proposed that the run of the year can be voted for anyone including the persons who won the previous year but not for the re – run of the winning run. Person of the year cannot be the previous year ’ s winner and this was passed by a vote of hands.

14 The Admin committee members can delete immediately any unwanted posts and also any abusive posts on facebook which are not allowed and should not in fact be posted at all. Business adverts are not allowed on Yorkshire Ridings facebook page but general car parts & ca rs and assorted items car related are allowed. This was voted by a show of hands.

15 Keith told the story of how the Rob Beckwith trophy which is given at the Charity BBQ to the car of the year was given by his Mum in memory of Rob who died in a tragic accident aged 22.

16 Please forward a copy of the tulip maps from the organiser if possible to Dave Thistlethwaite electronicall y so can to be available to all members on the run archive site on Yorkshire Ridings web page.

17 Mike Brownlow thanked all the committee members for all their hard work and especially for Shirley for all the effort she puts in as Runs Coordinator.